Alerting friends and family in an emergency has never been this simple. One click from the application and you send SMS, emails and Interactive Voice Response calls to all your emergency contacts making sure that you are safe.
Live tracking from the application puts you on a map that is available only to your emergency contacts with location, travel history, direction of travel and helps the first responders to reach you as fast as possible. Be safe. Leave your worries at home get out and explore!

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About Us

We concentrate on creating products that merges the technological advancement with societal impact. We have created multiple award winning applications like TukTuk Meter and Sentinel. We have worked with the countries premier law-enforcement agencies like Delhi Police and Rajasthan Police.

Jinsu Mathew

CTO, Product Architect

Jayakrishnan H

UX Expert My Behance

Sudeep Kini

iOs Magician

Harikrishnan CV

Android Expert

Tony Cherian

Webster I

Vishnu Raj

Webster II


Emergency Alerts

The App sends Text, Voice and Email alerts at the press of a single button in case of user emergency. Text and Email has links to reach the tracking portal.

Voice Call Alert

The live call from the server gives information about the location. The call is made independent of the status of the phone and it can be activated even if the phone is forced off!

Live Tracking

Live tracking enables First Responders to reach the person in distress as fast as possible. The interactive map gives information about the current location as well as location history.

Intelligent Alerts

The application not only sends alerts when manually alerted, scenarios like prolonged signal loss and forced power off's can trigger soft alerts with just Email and Text Alerts.

User Experience

The App is designed with utmost care to the usability and UI attractiveness. Its beautifil yet highly functional interface provides a soothing interaction with the App.


Sentinel is a product under constant improvement. We release an update with more features every three week. We are extremely excited about the next few features that are being baked right now!


You have to use the app to see the beauty of it, here are a few screens as a teaser.


Version 3.0.2 Android

Released on July 25th, 2013
  • NewIncreased device support ( ICS+ )
  • New Less battery drain
  • fix Various UI enhancements

Version 3.0.1 iPhone & Android

Released on July 22th, 2013
  • NewCompletely revamped UI/UX
  • FixEmergency contacts can now receive alert voice calls with location information
  • New Can track user's location directly from the emergency mail
  • fix Exclusively for India and US

Version 3.0 iPhone & Android

Released on July 18st, 2013
  • New Initial release for iOS and Android


  • "This cellphone device could be your guardian angel!"

    The Hindu Read Review→
  • "Sentinel mobile app alerts friends and family in case of danger."

    NDTV Gadgets Review→
  • "Senior citizens can alert their doctors; parents can ensure their children's security by using the device." Review→
  • "The smartphone application, Sentinel, can call your friends and family in case of danger, and point them to your location. It works in multiple scenarios, and can function without being manually triggered."

    CNBC TV 18 Money Control Review→
  • "Sentinel : A must-have app for Women " Review→


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